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Neil Reader, March 25, 2015

All current staff working for Children’s Links and PACEY will transfer to Prospects on 1 April. Staff will be attending an Induction day in Bromley for all staff on 1 April so this will be the only day when providers may not be able to reach our staff. However, any provider that needs to contact Prospects urgently may use the following details:

Prospects Dedicated provider number: 01634 816029.

Dedicated email:

During 1 April and 14 April, Prospects will be carrying out a restructure to meet the needs of the new contract. During this time, the current staff will carry on supporting providers according to existing arrangements. Details of how to make contact with your existing PACEY or Children’s Links contact will be sent shortly.

We will share our new structure and contact details for our new team as soon as this has been decided.

3 thoughts on “Commissioned Services

    1. Tracey Messer

      Dear Lisa

      The telephone number for Prosect Services is: 01634 816029 and not as indicated in the blog article or my response.

      Apologies for any inconvenience.


  1. Tracey Messer

    We are in the process of transferring to our new commissioned service through Prospect Services Ltd who start their support for new Childminders on 1 April 2015.

    They will be providing our new childminder support and their contact information is, please do let them know that you are seeking support to become a Childminder in Hampshire:

    Prospects Dedicated provider number: 01634 806029
    Dedicated email:

    Please do contact services for young children: 01962 847070 or if you have any problems getting through to Propsect Services.

    Tracey Messer
    Service Manager Childcare and Business Support


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